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Frequently Asked Questions

If the position I am interested in requires a 40 wpm net typing test, isn't 39 wpm net close enough?

Unfortunately, no. If the position has a minimum requirement of 40 wpm net, your typing test needs to be at least 40 wpm net.  

Can I include a copy of my resume with my application?

Yes, Utah County Government encourages applicants to submit a resume with their application. 

Can I use internet printouts of my transcripts or copy my diploma to include with my application?

For all Associate degrees and above, we will accept a copy of the diploma (unless otherwise stated in the job announcement) and / or a copy of certified transcripts as documentation. The original transcripts will also be fine, but a photocopy is acceptable. We will also accept internet printouts of transcripts.  

I am interested in several positions that are open. Do I have to submit a separate application for each position?

Yes. A separate application will need to be submitted for each position you are interested in. You will also need to have a set of attachments (transcripts, typing tests etc.) for each application. 

I turned in an application for a position. What happens now?

Your application will be put in a file along with the other applications for that particular position. Once the position closes, Human Resources will screen the applications that have been received for that particular job. Additional screening and/or testing may be done at this time to determine the most qualified candidates to be interviewed by the hiring department. Applicants are welcome to contact the Human Resources Office at any time during this process to find out the status of the position. 

Are there any Time Limited opportunities with Utah County Government?

Time Limited positions with the County means the person would work 1,000 hours or less in a 12 month period. Unless otherwise noted, all positions posted on the website are permanent merit positions and questions should be directed to the Human Resources Office. 

My neighbor works for the county and said there was a position open in his department but I don't see it on the website. What's going on?

Be patient. Human Resources does not open a position until it is fully vacated and we have reviewed the job qualifications with the department. Keep checking the website. Once the position opens, you are welcome to submit your application at that time.  

How can I find out the minimum requirements for a particular job if it isn't currently open?

Job descriptions and the minimum requirements for each job are listed on the Human Resources Department website. Click on the "Job Description" link and then on the particular job you are interested in.