North Utah County Water Conservancy District


The North Utah County Water Conservancy District was originally organized under U.C.A. 73-9-3 (1953 as amended) as a water conservancy district by Court Order on February 13, 1959. The purpose of the District is to assist with the conservation, development and stabilization of supplies of water for domestic, irrigation, power, manufacturing, municipal and other beneficial uses.

The area affected by the District is the northern portion of Utah County which includes: American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Alpine, Highland, Manila, Cedar Hills, and portions of north Utah County. The District was also organized to represent certain special interests; specifically, sheep and cattle interests, soil conservation district, irrigation companies, and Utah County.


Tibble Fork Reservoir

The Mission of the North Utah County Water Conservancy District is: To create and maintain structures that provide for watershed protection, flood control, and debris removal at Silver Lake, Tibble Fork, Dry Creek, Battle Creek and Grove Creek dams. To act as a representative body for the residents of the district along with the various other organizations as prescribed by law. To sponsor and protect water conservation projects and resources for the benefit of the residents that reside within the district.


The NUWC boundaries include: A small portion of Lindon, Pleasant Grove and surrounding areas, American Fork, American Fork Canyon, Highland, Alpine, north to the top of the Traverse Ridge line, west to the point of the mountain, all of Lehi and surrounding areas east of the Jordan River.

Current and Future Projects - Updated July 2019

Four (4) of the 5 dams operated and maintained by the North Utah County Water Conservancy District have recently be rehabilitated and brought up to current standards of dam safety. The remaining one, Dry Creek located in Lehi, is currently under construction to bring it up to current standards of dam safety. All of the dams will continue to receive an annual inspection.

The Board

The Utah County Commission appoints individuals to the Board to represent the various cities and interests. The following individuals serve on the Board:

Hunt Willoughby, Chair
Michael Chambers, Vice-Chair
Larry M. Mendenhall
Ernest John
Carl Clark
Sid Smart
Don Wadley
Richard Mecham
Lynn Walker
Amelia Powers Gardner
Julie Gillman

Alpine City
Pleasant Grove City
Highland-Manila Area
American Fork City
Lehi City
Cattle Interests
Soil Conservation District
Irrigation Companies
Director at Large
Utah County Commission
Sheep Interests