Tell Me About Appealing My Property Value

Right to Appeal
If you believe that the assessed market value of your property is incorrect, you may appeal to the Utah County Board of Equalization by filing an Appeal (online, mail, or email) with the Utah County Clerk/Auditor at 111 S. University Ave, Provo, UT 84601.

If the property you want to appeal is Centrally Assessed by the Utah State Tax Commission, it can not be appealed through the Utah County Board of Equalization. All Centrally Assessed parcels within Utah County start with the number 98 as their serial number. (ex. 98:001:0001) To learn how to file an appeal for a Centrally Assessed property, go to the website for the Utah State Tax Commission.
Will it make any difference if I appeal?
Utah County works hard to ensure that the assessed value of all properties accurately reflects the fair market value. Despite our best efforts, sometimes there is an error in the valuation or in our records. With nearly 200,000 parcels in the county, and buildings on a majority of them, we rely on property owners to help bring errors to our attention through the appeal process.

The success rate of appeals has consistently been around 70%. While there is no guarantee the appeal will be successful, Utah County is happy to make corrections to ensure the assessed value is correct.
What can I appeal?
The question to ask yourself is “Could I sell this property for the assessed value?” If the answer is yes, the property was assessed appropriately and there is no valuation appeal warranted. If the answer is no, the property owner is encouraged to appeal the value.

When you file an appeal, you are appealing the assessed value of the parcel in question. You are not appealing the property tax on the parcel. While there is a direct relationship between assessed value and property taxes, the property tax itself cannot be appealed. Only an adjustment to assessed value will result in a change in property tax.

If you feel your property is valued appropriately, but are still upset about your property taxes, you can:
  • visit our Property Taxes Page to learn more about how Property Taxes are calculated.
  • visit our Taxing Entities Page to get the contact information for your local government agencies. You are welcome to contact your local government agency and ask questions about amount of property taxes you are paying and the services they provide.