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Utah Salt Flats
Schedule of Recording Fees


Type of Fee Description Fee (in dollars)
Standard Fee Each Document* 40.00
  Each additional description or unit over ten** 2.00
Subdivision Maps Per page (24 x 36 mylar) 50.00
  Each lot 2.00
Other Fees Copy of Recorded Document per page 1.00
  Copy of Ownership Plat 2.00
  Copy of Official Subdivision Plat 4.00
  Copy of Official Subdivision Plat reduced 50% 2.00
  Certification of Document 5.00
  Computer screen printout 0.50

* Documents include Mining, Federal tax liens or Releases, Licenses issued by Department of Registration, and UCC documents.

** Less description, right-of-ways, and easements, when described, are considered an extra description as well as are additional claims on mining documents.

All fees must be paid in advance(Utah Code 17-21-18)

Please make checks payable to: Utah County Recorder

Note : All Recording fees are set by State Legislature effective May 14, 2019. Utah Code 17-21-18.5.
Copy fees are set by County Commission effective May 7,2019.