Our county government is headed by a board of county commissioners, consisting of three commissioners. One commissioner is elected the same year as the President of the United States. The other two commissioners are elected on the alternating election. Each commissioner is elected for a four-year term. One of the three commissioners is chosen chairperson. The board is responsible for all county officers and departments. They are full-time commissioners who meet with the public and county department officials two days a week. They also serve on various committees and boards which serve the residents of Utah County.

Commission Seat A - Amelia Powers Gardner

Commission Seat B - Bill Lee

Commission Seat C - Tom Sakievich

There are also nine other elected officials. They are elected for four year terms. The following are the nine offices:

Assessor - Kris Poulson

The County Assessor determines the value of properties for the purpose of taxation.

Attorney - David O. Leavitt

The County Attorney is the County Legal Officer. He represents the County in all court cases and performs legal duties for the county.

Clerk/Auditor - Josh Daniels

The County Auditor investigates all financial claims against the County and pays the bills. He or she examines the financial bonds kept by the other county officials to see that accurate and complete records are maintained. As County Clerk, he or she is in charge of the records of the County. He or she processes marriage licenses and passports and also conducts all elections in Utah County pertaining to county, state or national offices.

Justice Court Judge - Stevan Ridge

Justice Ridge represents the County in all court cases and performs legal duties for the County

Recorder - Andrea Allen

The County Recorder keeps the official records of the County, recording mortgages, deeds, and other documents involving property. The Recorder also maintains up-to-date maps which show current ownership of every section of land.

Sheriff - Mike Smith

The County Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the County and is responsible for the preservation of the peace. The Sheriff and Deputies make arrests and prepare legal papers for Sheriff's sale. The Sheriff also oversees the County Jail.

Surveyor - Anthony Canto

The County Surveyor identifies and protects the section corner monuments that define record title (real property) interests. Through that process he helps to protect property rights. His office also acts as a depository for all records of survey and is responsible for performing survey work for Utah County.

Treasurer - Kim Jackson

The County Treasurer collects taxes and other monies due to the county. The Treasurer is also in charge of taxing all property and turns over property with delinquent taxes of more than five years to be sold.

Other county departments include: Agriculture Inspection, Children's Justice Center, Community Development, USU Extension Service, Foster Grandparents, Health, Information Systems, Justice Court, Personnel, Public Works and the Utah Valley Economic Development Association.