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What do I do if I see a damaged or missing traffic control sign?

Don't hestitate to contact the Utah County Public Works Department at 801-851-8600 and ask for the Engineering or Roads division. If a downed sign is particularly critical, such as a stop sign, and it is after normal working hours, please contact the Utah County Sheriff's Dispatch at 801-343-4100. 

What is an Access Permit? why do I need one? and how do I get it?

Access Permits are required when any new construction takes place necessitating an access off of a county road. They are needed to insure that how you access your property is safe, not only for you, but for other motorists using that road. Permit forms usually come with your building permit packets issed through Planning and Zoning, or can be obtained here. They can either be faxed into the Public Works Dept at 801-851-8612 or brought in directly to the Public Works complex at 2855 South State, Provo, for consideration. 


How early can I make park reservations?

  Starting November 1st for the following year. To make reservations, please visit https://ucparks.sportsites.com/player#Root0    

What hours can I call to make park reservations?

  Park reservation can be made online at any time! Visit https://ucparks.sportsites.com/player#Root0 to make a reservation.    
  Willow Park is managed by Lehi City. Please call Lehi City at 385-201-1000 or visit https://lehicitypavilions.sportsites.com/Player to make a reservation online.   

What is the length of the Jordan River Parkway?

  The total length of the Jordan River Parkway from Inlet Park to the Salt Lake County line is just over 9 miles.    

What is the length of the Hobble Creek Canyon Parkway?

  The total length of the Hobble Creek Parkway is approximately 3 miles.   

Is camping allowed in County Parks?

  Overnight camping is allowed in select county parks such as Willow, Nunns, and Spanish Fork River parks. Camp fees vary and most overnight camping spots are available on a first come, first serve basis.   

How long is the Provo River Parkway?

  The total length of the Provo River Parkway is a little over 15 miles from the Utah Lake State Park to Vivian Park within Provo Canyon. The distance between the parking lot at Orem's 800 North at the mouth of Provo Canyon to Vivian Park is approximately 6 miles.    

Are fires allowed in County Parks?

  Currently camp fires are permitted in designated areas, but due to the drought conditions, that status can change at any time. Contact the park host or watch for postings within the park for that day's status.   

Where is more information on Utah County Parks and Trails to be found?

  Utah County Parks offers additional information on its parks and trails here on the web site under County Parks. Pamphlets are also available through the Public Works Dept at 2855 South State, Provo.   


Who do I call if I see road problems like potholes?

  If you notice potholes or areas where a road is deteriorating, please call 801-851-8600 and ask to speak with someone in the Roads or Engineering divisions. 

How do I ask for maintenance on a particular road?

  All county roads are examined annually for maintenance needs. Noted problems are then prioritized based upon a list of criteria combined with available county funds. If you have a particular question regarding a road you use regularly, please contact the Utah County Roads division with your question at 801-851-8600. 

What can I do if tree branches or tall weeds are obstructing my view at county road intersections or along county roads?

  Please contact the Utah County Public Works Dept at 801-851-8600 and report the location. If the obstructing growth is within the right of way, Utah County will take action to correct the problem. If it is on private property, the County will work with that property owner to correct it. 

How often are county graveled roads bladed?

  Most gravel roads are bladed at least twice a year, more if use is heavy.  

Can I work within a county road right of way?

  Work within a county road right of way is actively controlled in order to prevent accidents or other damages. Permits must first be obtained in order to excavate for any purposes and proper and specific traffic control measures must be guaranteed. Additional information can be obtained through the Public Works Dept at 801-851-8600 and excavation permit forms are available on this website.