The Clerk/Auditor is committed to financial transparency that provides comprehensive, unfiltered information about the County's fiscal and financial operations.

Budget Documents
Budgets provide a plan for the orderly expenditure of public funds. The adoption of the budget is the formal process for appropriating County funds. Individuals that pay taxes or fees to support governmental services have the right to be heard regarding the budget. Before either final adoption of a budget or an increase to an adopted budget, a public hearing is held where the public can make comments before the Board of County Commissioners. The County is required to prepare a tentative budget on or before November 1. The tentative budget is accompanied by a tentative budget message. The County is required to adopt a final budget on or before December 31. Departments may transfer funds within their budgets at any time. The Board of County Commissioners may transfer funds from one department to another by resolution in an open and public meeting. Increases to budget appropriations may only be made after appropriate public hearings. In accordance with State law, all adopted budgets are required to be presented as balanced budgets.
Data Dashboard
County Financial and Operational data dashboard through the Questica 'OpenBook' platform. This data includes budget information and other operational data as available.
Expenditures are contained in a searchable database maintained by the State of Utah. Please note that the data contained on this website is raw data and, therefore, may not agree to any audited or published financial statements. Data is uploaded to the database each quarter.
Financial Policies
The Board of County Commissioners is responsible for adopting policies and procedures that affect day-to-day financial activities of the County. The Clerk/Auditor reviews financial transactions for compliance with established policies and procedures.
Financial Reports
The Clerk/Auditor prepares annual financial statements in accordance with guidelines established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and other authoritative bodies. The annual financial statements are audited by an external auditor as required by law.
Other Records
Financial data not available online is available on request by completing a request for records form.
Record of Accounts Payable Recommendations
The Board of Utah County Commissioners approves all payments. The Clerk/Auditor makes recommendations during the Accounts Payable process to assist the Board. Auditor recommendations are available in a searchable database.
Registry of Governmental Entities
All local Government and Limited Purpose Entities are required to register with the Lt. Governor's office. They must provide their basic contact information and primary governmental function as stated in either state statute or the documents that created them.