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Bid No: Bid Name Description Open Date - Close Date Awarded Vendor
2016-01R Bottled Water Utah County is requesting bids for purchase of bottled drinking water to be delivered to the Utah County Security Center, and possibly to several other Utah County Government facilities on a regularly scheduled basis. Bottled water purchases are estimated to be between $7,000 and $10,000 per year. The County wishes to rent hot/cold dispensers with delivery of 5-gallon drinking water containers. 7/14/2016 - 7/27/2016
2016-12R Geotechnical Engineering Services Utah County intends to select a qualified professional geotechnical engineering firm (Engineer) to perform geotechnical engineering and related services on an as-needed basis including geotechnical investigations, design of mitigation and remediation measures for various sites exhibiting geotechnical instabilities, and inspection of constructed mitigation and remediation measures to verify acceptability. Services shall be provided for a five (5) year period ending December 31, 2021. 7/21/2016 - 8/11/2016

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For more information, contact :

Robert Baxter
Purchasing Manager
100 East Center Street
Room 3600
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