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Utah County Emission Repair Facilities Guide

Why is this guide important to me?

If you have just failed an emissions test or you want to locate a competent repair facility, please take a moment to review the information in this guide. Each facility listed has voluntarily agreed to have their repair certifications and training levels presented. Effective repairs and maintenance not only reduce harmful emissions, they also improve fuel economy and increase the longevity of your car’s engine. This information was compiled by Utah County in an effort to assist you in selecting an automotive repair facility and promote on-going repair training which ultimately will improve the quality of auto repairs in Utah County.

Caution: This guide does not constitute any endorsement by Utah County Air Quality Programs of any repair facility shown. Utah County makes no representations or warranties regarding any work arranged through these listings.

This list is simply a consumer guide to repair facilities that meet minimum experience and equipment requirements. You need to screen the repair facility to ensure they repair your particular vehicle. Remember, it is your responsibility to evaluate each facility as you have in the past. Effective repairs are vital to the success of the Vehicle Inspection Program in reducing air pollution in the Utah County. Since most repair facilities work by appointment, we recommend that you call ahead before taking your vehicle to a repair facility. Periodically, Utah County validates the submitted information and updates this guide.

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