Utah County Historic Courthouse

What We Do (and Do Not Do)

Because of the large volume of cases the Bureau receives, the very limited number of Bureau investigators, and recognizing that city and county police agencies have the primary duty to investigate crimes occurring within their jurisdictions,the Bureau only investigates crimes which meet all of the following criteria:

1. The criminal activity occurred either completely or mostly in Utah County and within multiple cities in Utah County. Any crimes committed completely or mostly within a city (or in another county) must first be referred to that city’s or county’s police agency. The Bureau will assist with such a case only upon request of the city’s or county’s police agency.

2. The criminal activity has not been referred to another agency (such as the FBI, state fraud investigators and city police departments). The Investigations Bureau will assist other agencies with an investigation at their request.

3. The crime must:

A. Have a financial loss exceeding $100,000; or,

B. Involve a suspect who is currently in public office, or has a close relative in public office; or,
C. Involve an employee or close family member of a government entity which therefore causes a conflict of interest for that entity; or,

D. Involve an unusually complex or a sensitive non-financial issue. The request to investigate must be made by the chief of the police agency having jurisdiction.

The Bureau also aids Utah County police agencies in forensic computer examinations.

The Bureau may also conduct polygraph examinations on request from local police agencies, after consultation between the investigating officer, the investigating agency’s liaison attorney and the polygraph examiner.