Office Organization

The County Attorney's Office is led by the elected County Attorney, David O. Leavitt. The County Attorney has a Chief Deputy, Larry Weiss. The Chief Deputy acts as the County Attorney in the elected County Attorney's absence.

The office is organized into four divisions: Administration, Criminal, Civil and the Bureau of Investigations.


Administration is responsible for the management of the office, including all financial (i.e. budget, payroll, travel, purchasing) and administrative needs. Administration consists of the County Attorney, Chief Deputy, a confidential legal assistant, and a paralegal.


Criminal Division : The Criminal Division is responsible for the prosecution or adjudication of crimes that occur in Utah County. The Criminal Division consists of the Chief Deputy and five trial teams. The Chief Deputy oversees the operations and personnel of the Criminal Division and reports to the County Attorney.

Civil Division : The Civil Division of the Utah County Attorney's Office acts as the legal advisor to Utah County. The Civil Division provides legal counsel and advice to the County Commission, other elected county officials, and the various county departments, boards and agencies.

Bureau of Investigations : The Bureau of Investigations investigates crimes pursuant to the guidelines and priorities of the County Attorney. The Bureau consists of the Bureau Chief, Jeff Robinson, sworn investigator-sergeants, a paralegal and a legal assistant. The Bureau Chief oversees the operations and personnel of the Bureau and reports to the County Attorney.