Prepay Coupon Program

What are prepay coupons?

PrePay coupons are provided as a convenient means of prepaying property taxes. This is not a requirement nor are there any penalties attached for missed or late prepayments. Coupons can be printed from the link provided below. Coupons are not required if you choose to make prepayments throughout the year. Your payment can be processed as long as it is for a minimum of $10.00 and you have provided us with a valid property serial number. This serial number can be located on Valuation Notices (mailed July of each year) or on the Property Tax Notice (mailed October of each year). You may also wish to visit the Utah County Land Information page to obtain basic property, owner, tax, appraisal and recorded information.

How is the prepay amount calculated?

The estimated prepay amount is computed using the previous years tax amount. This is determined by calculating 10% of that tax amount. For example: if last years taxes were $875.00, your coupon payments will each be $87.50. Calculations are rounded to the nearest figure. If you (or the previous owner) were assessed at a lower value last year (ie vacant property, partial assessment, etc) the coupon amount will reflect that lower figure.Please send only (8) eight coupons. This will be payments for the months of January through August and WILL NOT PAY YOUR TAXES IN FULL. To determine the credit that would be applied should all prepays be made, simply multiply the coupon payment amount by eight.

Example: Previous year taxes: $875.00 / 10 = $87.50 x eight coupons = total credit of $700.00. The resulting balance, due November 30, would be $175.00 if your current property taxes remain the same as the previous year. An estimated tax amount will be provided to you on your current year valuation notice. This is mailed approximately at the end of July each year. This will help you determine the balance due, assuming all payments are made.


  1. Serial numbers are required for all payments submitted.
  2. Print only eight (8) coupons, January through August. These will not pay the current year's tax in full.
  3. Coupon payment amounts are based on the previous year's tax amount.

Questions about the Prepay Coupon Program?

Please contact us by email or call us at 801-851-8255.