Mother's Milk Depot
Mothers Milk Depot

What is a milk depot?
The Mother’s Milk Bank screens, collects, processes and dispenses donated human milk as a community service, providing human milk to babies whose own mother cannot supply the milk to meet their baby’s needs.


Why donate human mother's milk?
Neonatologists who take care of the smallest infants call the donated milk, "liquid gold" because it is better than any medicine when it comes to helping these babies grow and survive. UVRMC has been using donor human milk for babies who need supplementation through this program since 2004. Preemies length of stay in the hospital is greatly reduced when they can be given breastmilk. There are fewer incidences as well of necrotizing enterocolitis, since the colostrum in new mother's milk helps to prime the babies gut and get it ready to start nourishing the baby.

  Who can donate their milk?
Donors are healthy women who are able to set aside extra milk for the good of other babies. Donors must have a healthy lifestyle and be willing to have blood tests to rule out infectious diseases. Milk is accepted within the first 6 months of the birth of their child.
How can I become a milk donor?
Donating to the Utah County Mother’s Milk Depot is easy!  First go to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation website and learn how to apply to be a donor for the milk bank or call 1-877-458-5503. milkbankcolorado

Process to Donate:

Contact: Mother's Milk Bank in Denver -- 1-877-458-5503 or

The Mother's Milk Bank in Denver will send the prospective donor a letter with information about the milk bank, a screening form, donor consent form, medical release forms.

When the forms have been completed and returned to the milk bank, the donor will be sent a second packet with tubes for a blood draw and a donor number.

Bring the donor number, tubes for the blood draw and milk donation to:

Mother's Milk Depot
Health and Justice Building
151 South University Avenue, Provo
801-851-7089 or 801-851-7307

The blood draw will be done in the Women's Clinic, Room 1709 of the Health and Justice Building. The donor will take the blood tubes and the milk donation to the Mother's Milk Depot, Room 2400 where it will be frozen and shipped to the Mother's Milk Bank in Denver.

  Rock Mnt Childrens Hospital Mother's Milk Bank


  For questions about the Utah County Mother's Milk Depot, please call 801-851-7307 or email




















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