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The Utah County Sheriff?s Office has the following items as Found/Recovered Property. Contact us at 801-851-4014 to identify the item:

Cash found by UTA; 21TA26

Backpack and BB gun found by UTA; 21TA30

Purse belonging to Melinda Greene; 16MC00089

Lanyard & Cash found at Eagle Mountain; 16UC05478

Backpack, Duffle bag, clothing found at Eagle Mountain; 21UC06792

Keys Toyota found at Vineyard; 21UC07049

Keys Toyota found at Vineyard; 21UC07076

Cellphone found at Vineyard; 21UC07348

Backpack found at Spanish Fork Canyon; 21UC07724

Hand truck & pallet jack found at Eagle Mountain; 21UC08077

Wallet belonging to Julio Duran-Roberts; 21UC08093

Wallet belonging to Lee Bean; 21UC08137

Fishing pole found American Fork Canyon; 21UC08457

Utah ID Card Belonging to Clayton Ames; 21UC08899

Utah ID Card belonging to Chelsea Ansted; 21UC08899

Wallet belonging to Brendan Daughters; 21UC08899

Firearm found at Eagle Mountain; 21UC08996

Wallet belonging to Kadin Morris; 21UC09082

Wallet belonging to Garrett Alvey; 21UC09186

Ring found at Vineyard; 2UC09313

Debit Card belonging to Jade C W Parkin; 21UC09463

Cellphone found at Vineyard; 21UC09840

Cellphone found at Vineyard; 21UC09844