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The Utah County Sheriff's Office is hiring Deputies to work in our various enforcement capacities. Watch the video and check the link beginning May 10, 2021.

*** PRESS RELEASE May 3, 2021 ***


On May 10, 2021, the Utah County Sheriff's Office will be posting will be posting a job announcement to hire Enforcement Deputies.  This could be someone coming from another agency or from our own jail.  We have also had law enforcement officers from other states looking to move to Utah and wanting to find a law enforcement job here.  We want well qualified people to see the broad range of opportunities the Utah County Sheriff's Office has to offer.  Enforcement Deputies can be assigned to Patrol, Investigations, Judicial Services or Emergency Services.  Within each of these areas there are additional options including contract cities, special enforcement teams who focus on DUI, traffic, drug, and alcohol enforcement, or enforcement in the canyons and other recreation areas in Utah County.  You may also have opportunities to work investigating property crimes, crimes of violence, fraud, sex crimes, or undercover narcotics.  In Judicial Services you may serve warrants, process out of state extraditions, serve eviction notices or protective orders, work providing court security, or work with the Utah County Justice Court Probation Program.  You are given the independence to do your job and serve the public in a variety of different areas.  Join us or pass the message along!  We have multiple openings and this link is where the job announcement will be posted on May 10, 2021.


This could be your office!


For questions about the application process contact Utah County Sheriff's Office Personnel Analyst Judy Hamaker-Mann at (801)851-4007, or by email at judyh@utahcounty.gov.

Or for questions about the Utah County Sheriff's Office contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon at jamesc@utahcounty.gov or (801)404-1912.