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In part one of three videos Sheriff Smith talks about the three main Divisions within the Utah County Sheriff's Office. This video covers 2020 and the Support Services Division

The Support Services Division of the Utah County Sheriff's Office consists of four Bureaus.  Each Bureau has separate functions from the others.  This is a brief synopsis of what went on for this Division in 2020.  Below you will find a link to a video with Sheriff Mike Smith where he talks about the Support Services Division.

Support Services Division

         Emergency Services Bureau

o  Search and Rescue (SAR), Timpanogos Emergency Response Team (TERT), Sheriff's Communication Auxiliary Team (SCAT), Sheriff's Mounted Posse

-Substantial increase in SAR callouts likely due to many more people engaging in outdoor activity due to pandemic.

-This included recovery of 2 drowning victims in Utah Lake and 4 plane crash victims above Granite Flat in American Fork Canyon.

-Well over 12,000 volunteer hours.  That equates to 1.37 years of 24-houroperations!

o  Emergency Management / Coronavirus Impact.

-Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activated3/9/20.  Operated continuously since that time in support of Utah County Emergency Management COVID-19 operations.- PPE distribution to 355 businesses and dental offices through coordinated distribution points.

-387 gallons sanitizer given to 3 school districts in Utah County.

-Over $2 million in PPE distributed.

-Planning, setup, and operation of drive-thru voting locations in four different cities.

-Helped setup and operate COVID vaccine site in old Shopko building in Spanish Fork.

         Judicial/Courts Bureau

o  In April 2020, the courts closed to in-person hearings.  Court hearings of all kinds have moved almost exclusively to online operation.  The courthouses remained open to the public but on a limited basis.

o  The court patron door count for 2020 was 101,357people entering the buildings.  2019 saw a patron count of 299,473, making the number for 2020 a 66% drop. 

         Judicial Support Bureau

         Wild Land Fire Bureau

o  In addition to fires in Utah, crews responded to and supported wildfires in 7 western states.

o  In addition to many smaller fires, crews responded to and supported 6 major wildfires with evacuations in Utah County alone.


For questions contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff's Office.

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