GRAMA Requests

GRAMA is the Government Records Access Management Act that balances the public's right to know with the public's right to privacy. GRAMA Records are all records prepared, owned, received or retained by a government agency.

Records can be classified as public, private, protected, controlled or limited. Only public records will be released to the public, all other records are subject to their classification and will be released only to the designated specific individuals/organizations.

The public will be not be charged for reviewing or inspecting a record. If a copy of the record is requested then a reasonable fee can be charged to cover copying costs. A personnel time fee may be charged in the event that compiling, summarizing, or tailoring the record is necessary to meet a request.

If you would like copies of records possessed by the Utah County Justice Court you must submit a GRAMA request ("GRAMA" stands for the Government Records Access and Management Act). You may fill out the online form by clicking the button below.


Printable Forms can also be obtained here or at the Utah County Justice Court Office and must be submitted to the this office in person, by mail or email:

In Person / Mailing Address:
Utah County Justice Court
151 South University Ave., Suite 3300
Provo, Utah 84601