Steps Involved in Getting A Business License

  1. Verity that the property associated with the business is within the unincorporated area of Utah County.
  2. Complete a Business License Zone Clearance. Property tax serial number must be completed on the application. If the property is in the NC-1 (Commercial) or I-1(Industrial) Zones, include a site map showing all structures and parking. There is no fee required for this application. Submit to the Community Development office in person, by mail, fax, or email.
  3. You will receive the results of the Business License Zone Clearance in approximately 3 - 7 days.
    • If approved, a Business License application with fee will be included with the clearance results.
    • If conditionally approved, you will need to make the required corrections before submitting an application. Application will need to be requested at the time the corrections have been approved by the appropriate county office.
  4. Ten (10) day processing time for the final approvals of the business license application. Business License applications can only be accepted with the required fee.

State of Utah requires businesses to receive the following as applicable for your specific business (contact the specific office for explanation and requirements) :

  • Federal Identification Number
  • Sales Tax number (specific to County location)
  • Professional/Occupational license
  • Registration with Utah Department of Commerce
  • Professional License (if required by the State of Utah)