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Thank you for your interest in locating your business in unincorporated Utah County. We wish you well as you pursue your desires toward a successful and prosperous business.

A valid Utah County business license is required for all businesses that are located within the unincorporated limits of Utah County. There are exceptions for some home occupation, agricultural and non-profit businesses.

If your business base location is within a city, you must contact that city for a license.

A business license is the means whereby Utah County Government grants permission to engage is a business activity at a specific location within the County. The definition of a business means any enterprise carried on for the purpose of gain or economic profit, except for the acts of employees rendering services to employers.

A local license provides assurance that the business location is properly zoned for the activity being conducted. Licensing also verifies compliance with state and local codes. This helps ensure the well being of employees and citizens.

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