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Current Open RFP's

Bid No: 2021-7

Bid Name: Architectural Services

Open Date - Close Date: 6/1/2021 to 6/24/2021

Awarded Vendor:

Description: Through this Request for Proposals, Utah County is seeking proposals from architectural firms to demonstrate qualifications, experience, and proposed approach for project scoping, master planning, programming, design services, and construction management services for proposed projects owned by Utah County in various locations throughout Utah County, Utah. The intent is to select one or more architectural firms to complete selected projects over the next five-year period as constraints allow and funding becomes available. Based upon the evaluation of the RFPs, Utah County may choose at its discretion to award to multiple Architects an ongoing contract.

Bid No: 2021-9

Bid Name: Bond Underwriting Services

Open Date - Close Date: 7/27/2021 to 8/11/2021

Awarded Vendor:

Description: Utah County is soliciting underwriting firms through this RFP to provide underwriting services in connection with the County's planned issuance of Transportation Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds. The County intends to hire one or more firms to serve as underwriters for the transaction.

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