Children's Justice Center

Our skilled Nurse Practitioners conduct medical forensic exams for child abuse victims, in consultation with Primary Children's Hospital Safe and Healthy Families. The examination is done for the purpose of evaluation and treatment of trauma, treatment of possible exposure to infection, referral to counseling and follow-up medical care, and for the collection of evidence if necessary. The examination is done in a child-friendly exam room with a medical history provided by the caregiver and the child. The forensic medical exam is a thorough head to toe exam similar to a normal check-up at a pediatrician's office.

What you can tell your child about the medical examination:

  • This is to make sure that his or her body is ok and healthy.
  • The exam will not hurt.
  • You can ask the nurse any questions you might have.
  • The nurse will tell you everything she will do.
  • You can stop it at any time.
medical exam room
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