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On December 7, 2018, Tyerell Joe Przybycien, 19, from Spanish Fork, was sentenced to a term of 5 years to life at the Utah State Prison after pleading guilty to Child Abuse Homicide, a first-degree felony.

Along with the first-degree felony, Przybycien also enter a guilty plea to Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, a third-degree felony.

On May 5, 2017, Tyerell Przybycien picked up Jchandra "Jelly" Brown, 16, after her shift at Wendy's in Spanish Fork and then purchased 20 feet of nylon rope and two canisters of industrial strength air duster to assist in the hanging death of Brown. Przybycien chose a place near Maple Lake in Payson Canyon because of the types of trees and recommended they wait until after dark, so no one would be suspicious. Przybycien had researched online how to tie a noose days earlier.

Przybycien built a pedestal for Brown to stand on, making sure it would "topple" after she inhaled the air duster. Przybycien tied the rope in the tree, tested its strength, and even tested the length of the rope himself, making sure it wasn't too long, so as to prevent her feet from touching the ground. Finally, Przybycien videotaped, for 10 minutes and 25 seconds, the hanging of Brown, using her cell phone as the camera and his cell phone as the flashlight, adding some commentary throughout the filming process. After Brown was deceased, Przybycien checked her wrist for a pulse, left Brown's cell phone with the video in a plastic grocery bag at her feet along with receipts for the rope and air duster, and then left the scene to pick up a friend and go get food at Wendy's.

During a search of Przybycien's cell phone in the days following, detectives found text messages from April 19, 2017, between Przybycien and another person. Przybycien texted, "What you do if you knew a friend was trying to commit suicide?" The other person replied, "Talk them out of it." Przybycien responded, "The thing is.. I wanna help kill them. It be awesome. Seriously im going to help her. Its like getting away with murder!"

The search of Przybycien's phone also revealed several images of child pornography.

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Tyerell Joe Przybycien