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On Thursday, February 11, 2016, following a three day trial, an eight person jury from Utah County found Robert Alonzo Peraza, 29, guilty of four first degree felonies for Sodomy on a Child.

On August 9, 2013, the nine year old victim disclosed to her family members that Robert Alonzo Peraza had been sexually abusing her since she was six years old by requiring that she perform oral sex on him, several times a week. The victim was promised by Robert Alonzo Peraza that the abuse would end when she turned 9 years old and was devastated when the abuse continued past her ninth birthday. Through the years, Robert Alonzo Peraza groomed his victim with classic predator techniques: 1) promising gifts in exchange for oral sex, 2) making her promise not to tell in order to keep his obscene sexual activities a secret, and 3) instilling fear of violence if she refused his sexual demands. Once when the child victim refused to perform oral sex on Robert Alonzo Peraza, he grabbed her by the throat and choked her so she could not breathe and slapped her face. Sometimes Robert Alonzo Peraza made his child victim switch from oral sodomy to manual masturbation until his climax was complete. The courage of the victim is unfathomable as she testified despite the opposition of her mother, who chose to be with Peraza over her daughter. After suffering years of sexual abuse, the child victim faced her perpetrator in court, recounted painful details of memories too numerous to count, and was present in the courtroom when the jury came back with the verdict of guilty on four first degree felony counts of Sodomy on a Child.

Sentencing of Robert Alonzo Peraza is scheduled for April 4, 2016 in the 4th District Court of Provo, Utah, at which time he faces a minimum sentence of 25 years to life in the Utah State Prison.

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