Utah County Sheriff Deputy Sheriff Badge

Utah County Sheriff's Office official vehicles at Bridal Veil Falls
Welcome to the Utah County Sheriff's Office Enforcement Bureau

Administrative Checkpoint Public Notice

The Sheriff's Office, in an effort to promote public safety, conserve its resources and make the most economical use of its deputies and equipment, will establish checkpoints at various locations in Utah County. These checkpoints will be used, primarily, to enforce Title 41, Chapter 6a, Part 5 of the Utah State Code as an effective method for protecting public safety and for creating a deterrent effect through increased public perception of enforcement activity. The following locations have been selected and approved by Sheriff James O. Tracy:

Utah County Administrative Checkpoints

(This list may be subject to change without notice.)
Site #1 SR 92 at approximately Mile Post 10.9
Site #2 SR 73 at approximately Mile Post 28.5
Site #3 SR 68 at Pelican Point
Site #4 SR 114 at approximately Mile Post 4
Site #5 Hobble Creek Canyon Road at Hobble Creek Parkway
Site #6 Diamond Fork Canyon Road at approximately Mile Post 3
Site #7 US Highway 89 at approximately Mile Post 277.5
Site #8 Nebo Loop Road at Beer Can Flats
Site #9 SR 6 at approximately Mile Post 190
Site #10 SR 6 at approximately Mile Post 147
Site #11 SR 96 at approximately Mile Post 16
Site #12 SR 189 at Canyon View Park
Site #13 SR 6 at South Covered Bridge Canyon
Site #14 Pony Express and Ranches Parkway, Eagle Mountain
Site #15 SR 73 at approximately Mile Post 23.6, White Hills Subdivision, Eagle Mountain