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Sheriff Smith Details Concerns Over Budget And ICE Contract

Posted On : 12/15/2019 9:45:57 PM

Sheriff Smith has outlined concerns he and his administration have with the suggestion that the jail enter an agreement to house ICE prisoners.

*** PRESS RELEASE December 16, 2019

Budget and ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)contract

Sheriff Mike Smith and his administration have done extensive research in response to budget discussions suggesting that the Utah County Sheriff's Office should again consider entering a contract with ICE to house their prisoners at the Utah County Jail. Sheriff Smith has described how the ICE contract was carried out, how expenses under that contract were covered, and why it would not be wise to enter into this contract again.

In fulfilling the ICE contract there was no increase in staffing levels.  ICE prisoners were held and supervised using Deputies working overtime, both voluntary and mandatory.

The majority of the revenue for this contract came in the form of payments for direct expenses of housing ICE prisoners.  There was very little additional revenue.

The ICE contract would subject the jail to oversight from several Federal agencies.  Lawsuits become routine even when there may be no cause to support such actions. 

As budget discussions remain in the public eye, Sheriff Smith believes it is important to understand why any decision related to considering again entering into a contract to house ICE prisoners should be left to him and his administration.  They are the ones most familiar with how such an action would impact operations within the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Smith is available to media for interviews and to share additional details.

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