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UCSO K9 Killed In Tragic Accident

Posted On : 7/16/2019 3:13:03 PM

A Utah County Sheriff's Office K9 - named Havoc - was killed this morning after it ran from his handler while taking a break near the shore of Utah Lake in Vineyard.

*** PRESS RELEASE July 16, 2019 ***

This morning, at about 9:15, a Deputy/K9 handler with the Utah County Sheriff's Office was working in Vineyard.  He stopped in a dirt parking lot along Vineyard Road, which runs along the shore of Utah Lake near Vineyard Beach, to let his K9, take a break.  The Deputy parked at the back of the parking lot, more than 200 feet from the road, and let his K9, named Havoc, out to relieve himself.  As dogs will do, Havoc took care of necessary business then began to "inspect" the area to make sure everything was normal.  When K9 handlers give their dogs a break they typically do so in an area that is somewhat isolated and away from the public, as in this case.  After a few minutes of "inspection", Havoc unexpectedly ran west toward Vineyard Road and the shore area of Utah Lake and Vineyard Beach.  The handler called to Havoc but he did not respond and ran into the road.  One motorist was able to avoid Havoc, but the second was not.  That car hit Havoc and he ran back to his handler at the east end of the parking lot.  The handler saw that Havoc was injured but was still responsive. He took him to a Veterinarian's office where the Doctor examined Havoc, found no broken bones, and started an IV.  At about 10:30 AM, while still sitting at the Vet's office, the handler said Havoc looked at him, laid his head in his lap, and died.  

Havoc was a seven year old Belgian Malinois who began working at the Utah County Sheriff's Office in July of 2013.  He worked four years with his first handler and has been with his current handler since July of 2017.  Havoc has received many awards at various K9 trials, including his last award of 3rd place in Vehicle Narcotics search at the Las Vegas Metro Police K9 Trials last October in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Havoc was the only dual purpose dog to place in this event.  "Dual purpose" simply means Havoc was certified in both narcotics detection and patrol.  Havoc has made hundreds of "finds" involving narcotics, including two searches where one had 10 pounds of heroin and the other had more than 10 pounds of methamphetamine.  He was also involved in numerous criminal apprehensions.  His handler said Havoc showed determination and never wanted to stop working.  Yet, when he was away from the job Havoc loved being active, whether it was chasing a ball, chewing on a toy, or playing with his handler's family.  Whatever Havoc did, he was all heart.  And he will be missed.

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