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Lieutenant Jerad Jarvis

Lieutenant Jerad Jarvis

Jail Booking Division

We work directly with Justice and District Courts, Police agencies throughout Utah, the Utah State Prison, and Federal Government agencies. Our division is responsible to continuously maintain criminal charges, warrants, commitments, holds and detainees for a population of approximately 800 prisoners  with an estimated 200+ cases being handled on a daily basis. The booking division will book and release approximately 28,000+ prisoners a year.

The Jail Booking Division is overseen by a Lieutenant, who supervises four Sergeants. Each Sergeant supervises four to five deputies and several civilians. Total staff is 34 and the operating budget is approximately 2.7 million dollars per year. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve the citizens of Utah County.

For all non emergencies call: 801-794-3970  
Booking 801-851-4210 801-851-4219
Records 801-851-4117
Property 801-851-4218  
Transportation 801-851-4231
GPS / Jail Industries 801-851-4276
Visiting 801-851-4301


Curious about the Booking process? View a slide show.

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Helpful information:

Good time is calculated by not only good behavior, but also by the participation in programs. Booking cannot calculate good time, so please don’t ask. Working in the jail may help them to accrue more good time. Usually at a rate of 10 days per month, whereas no participation will only earn five days per month.

It usually takes 3-5 business days for inmates to be eligible for visitation. If you want to schedule a visit, you must call 801-851-4301 or 4302.

Our standard release time for anyone who has been to court that day is at 3:15 in the afternoon. We ask the public to wait until that time before they come down to pick them up, this gives us enough time to process the paperwork after the prisoner returns to jail from court.

If you are bailing out a friend or family member, you may use a credit card for this process. Keep in mind that there will be an additional charge for the transaction. We cannot take credit card payments over the phone. We must have the exact amount we tell you, no loose change, and no personal checks will be accepted. Cashiers checks and money orders must be made out to “ The Utah County Jail”.

The Out Program is a thirty day program. It usually takes about two weeks to get a spot in the program. During this time they participate in classes and can be evaluated by the Out Program staff for eligibility and placement at Foothill Treatment Center.

Jail Industries are for inmates in custody. They are transported to various business locations throughout the county.

We as a general rule do not accept the term “warrant recalled” to release anyone from jail. As the warrant could be recalled for several different reasons, the paperwork needs to state “released by judge” or “ROR”.

We will transport inmates to prison as soon as we have the transport orders from the court of jurisdiction.

If you are calling about a family member or friend, you must have their full name for us to locate them in the booking system.

We don’t give out court dates. You can call the court of jurisdiction for that information.

We won’t pass messages to inmates. They can communicate by phone or letters to family and friends.

To place money on an inmates account or to purchase commissary for an inmate incarcerated in the Utah County Jail go to the bottom of this page to: Utah County Jail Orientation for Inmate Family and Friends. On the "Information for Inmates and Jail Visitors" page click on the "inmate services" tab and then on jailatm.com for commissary and Gettingout.com for an inmates phone account.

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Click here to search for inmates

You can use this web site to search for people by name or an arrest date. After entering the name of the individual you are searching for, you will find that it lists each time that person was booked into our facility for up to one year. When someone is arrested, their booking information and picture will remain on the web site for 30 days. After 30 days the picture will be dropped, but the remaining booking information will stay on the web site for one year, at which time it will also drop from the site.

If you click on the name link, you will be taken to that actual booking. It will contain an arrest date, booking date, booking number, release date if applicable and the arresting agency. The status will be an indicator of whether or not they are currently in the facility.

Status Codes :

O- Released
R- Refused (for medical condition)
A- Active in custody
D- Work diversion (participating)
E- G.P.S./Electronic Monitor-(active)
Z- Walked away from jail
C-Commitment on file (not in custody)
Y- Taken to another facility.

Charge Types :

CG: New Charge
SU: Summons
CM: Commitment
WA: Warrant
WBW: Bench Warrant
NH: Not holding
WIA: Warrant in aid of commitment

Release Types :

APP- Released by AP&P
OTH- Released to other agency.
B- Cash bail posted
PB- Property Bond.
BN-Bail bond posted
PTA-Promise to Appear.
CD- Charge Dropped
ROJ- Release OR by judge.
F- Fine
ROP- Release OR on points.
INS- Immigration pick-up
SUM-Summons only
NC- Non-compliant with work diversion
T- Time served
NH- Not Holding
USH- Utah State Hospital
NWC-Charge added in error
USP- Utah State Prison

Court Codes :

AL3-Alpine Justice Court
MP3-Mapleton Justice Court
AMC- American Fork Municipal Court
PA3-Payson Justice Court
AFDST-American Fork District
PG3-Pleasant Grove Justice Court
DST-Provo District Court
PJ3-Provo Justice Court
GN3- Genola Justice Court
PMC-Provo Municipal Court
GO3-Goshen Justice Court
OMC-Orem Municipal Court
HI3-Highland Justice Court
SSJC- Saratoga Springs Justice Court
SMC-Spanish Fork Municipal Court
LH3- Lehi Justice Court
SQ3-Santaquin Justice Court
JVO-Juvenile Court-Orem
SV3-Springville Justice Court
JVP-Juvenile Court- Provo
JPC-Utah County Justice Court
LN3-Lindon Justice Court
OTH- Any court outside of Utah County

For additional information about the jail, click on the link below:

Utah County Jail Orientation for Inmate Family and Friends

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