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Sergeant Shawn Radmall
Training Coordinator


Training Division

"Deputy Sheriff's will be responsible for their own standard of professional performance and will take every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve their level of knowledge and competence. Through study and experience, a deputy sheriff can acquire the high level of knowledge and competence that is essential for the efficient and effective performance of duty. The acquisition of knowledge is a never-ending process of personal and professional development that should be pursued constantly." (Utah County Sheriff’s Office Code of Ethics 1/115.00)

As part of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Services Division, our Training Section is committed to providing over 500 Deputies and civilian employees with the best law enforcement, and corrections training available; utilizing the most effective, and efficient technologies, and up to date methodologies that are relevant, and instructionally sound. We constantly strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the learning process and represents the highest values and traditions of professionalism embraced by the Sheriff’s Office, and demanded by the public. With this goal firmly in mind, we provide our Deputies with at least 40 annual hours of training in the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully enforce laws, maintain the public safety, and appropriately manage the jail inmate population while embracing the Sheriff’s Office core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.

Training Requirements :

Utah State Statute 53-6-202 requires Peace Officers to complete no less than 40 hours of training annually. Failure to complete the required annual training shall automatically prohibit an officer from exercising peace officer powers. The annual training hours must be completed between July 1 to June 30 during a given training year.

Prior to attending any training, deputies must receive approval through the appropriate chain of command. To receive approval for out of county travel and training, the Out of County Training Request and Per diem Forms must be completed and submitted through your immediate supervisor. Additionally, a Rental Car Form should be submitted when appropriate. These forms can be accessed and downloaded from this website. They may also be found internally through the following pathway: U:\Forms\Training. On a quarterly basis, training attended should be documented on a Training Log Form and submitted to the training coordinator, along with copies of associated certificates, who will verify that the information has also been recorded in the Spillman System. The Training Log Form may also be downloaded from this website and is located in the same internal computer pathway noted above.

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