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Utah County GIS Data Layers Available For Download

All layers listed below are updated at the end of each business day. 
The native spatial reference for all Utah County GIS Datasets is Utah Central Zone, NAD83 Stateplane, US Survey feet.

While there are no constraints or warranties with regard to the use of this dataset, users are encouraged to attribute content to the GIS Division of Utah County Information Systems Department.

Utah County GIS Data Layers and File Download

Layer Name
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Address Points -

The points represent the location of site addresses as assigned or observed in the field by GIS Division Staff. Where possible, the point is located within the building that receives mail or other services. This feature class is designed to be related to the alternate address table in order to account for situations where more than one address is assigned to a single location. The alternate address table must be downloaded separately below.

Alternate Address Table -

This is a table containing any known alternate addresses designations for each address point found in the above Address Point feature class. The alternate address table is designed to be related to the Address Point feature class.

Building Outlines -

Polygons representing building outlines in Utah County as digitized by the Utah County GIS Division using 2006-2011 aerial photography.

County Zoning -

These are polygons of planning zones in Utah County. Please note, this represents the zoning of the un-incorporated portions of Utah County. For zoning of areas within an incorporated city, you are advised to contact the city in question and request a copy of their data. For further information as to the meaning of each ZoneClass or ZoneDesc, you should contact Utah County's Community Development Department.

Municipal Boundaries -

Polygons representing the extent and area of the incorporated municipal areas in Utah County used for cartographic output.

Tax Parcels -

Polygons representing Utah County parcels with detailed location assessment, improvement, and tax information. Revised and expanded data model combining ESRI local government data model and Utah County's CAMA data. This is a representation of real property areas, combined with assessing and tax information from CAMA and Tax systems, and organized for consumption in desktop and web GIS applications. This feature class contains redundant geometry in cases where there are multiple condominium units on a given tax parcel.

Road Centerlines -

Line segments representing centerlines of all roadways or carriageways in the vicinity of Utah County. Typically, this information is compiled from orthoimagery or other aerial photography sources. This representation of the road centerlines supports address geocoding and mapping. It also serves as a source for public works and other agencies that are responsible for the active management of the road network. Data schema reflects ESRI's Local Government Data Model with additional fields pertinent for local Utah County processes and applications.