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The Utah Sheriff's Association has issued a rebuke of Salt Lake Tribune's editorial cartoonist, Pat Bagley after his "The Deep Hate", KKK cartoon aimed at Law Enforcement.

*** PRESS RELEASE September 2, 2020 ***

The Utah Sheriffs's Association, in a letter signed by Association President, Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis, and Association Executive Director, Scott Burns, criticized Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoonist, Pat Bagley, for a cartoon published today by the Tribune under the headline, "Bagley Cartoon:  The Deep Hate".  The cartoon depicts a man with the words "LAW ENFORCEMENT" on the back of his shirt, wearing a what looks like a police duty belt.  This man is standing next to a man who appears to be a doctor.  Both are looking at what appears to be an x-ray, presumably of this law enforcement officer, with the caption, "WELL, THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM..."  And just what is the problem depicted in the cartoon and editorialized by Bagley?  The x-ray shows a skeleton from the waist to the lower jaw, with the lower back and pelvic area clearly drawn as a person wearing a white hooded robe, Ku Klux Klan style.

In Bagley's Facebook post with this cartoon he says, "White supremacists have made a point of infiltrating law enforcement.  That's a fact.  That's a problem."  In Bagley's Tweet about the cartoon he says, "Here's the problem."  So you know exactly what Bagley and the Salt Lake Tribune published, I have attached the cartoon to this release.  I have also attached the letter drafted by the Utah Sheriffs' Association.

For questions about this letter contact Sheriff Curtis or Scott Burns.

For other questions contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff's Office.

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