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LONG video ahead! In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the other "routine" things that Deputies respond to and come across are still happening.

*** PRESS RELEASE August 26, 2020


This video is longer than what we usually make them - 25 minutes - but we believe the message is important. During the weekend of August 21-23, 2020, Utah County Sheriff's Office Deputies handled three calls that are typically considered "routine". We want people to understand that everything else that goes on outside of an international pandemic like COVID-19 still goes on when we are in the middle of one.  Why?  Well, substance abuse, addiction, and criminal activity don't, sadly, take a break simply because the world is struggling.  The Utah County Sheriff's Office strongly believes in the value and necessity of providing treatment services to those who want to change the path their life is on.  But we also believe that when people are unable to take the first solid step to recovery on their own, that it sometimes becomes necessary for us to act, with treatment services, prosecutors, and judges, to protect society from those who would victimize others. This video highlights three cases that show why, as organizations make treatment and recovery services available, law enforcement must proactively take action to protect society from from those who are not yet able or willing to work with those who can help them make recovery and personal success a long term reality.  And if you have read all the way to this point, then you have the determination to watch a 25 minute video!
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