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**UPDATE-Three teens who trespassed at the Woodland Hills water tank, which caused officials to issue a 48 hour boil order, have turned themselves in. Each of them will face charges in this incident.

*** UPDATE - SUSPECTS IDENTIFIED July 15, 2020 ***

On July 14, 2020, one of the young men pictured trespassing at the water tank in Woodland Hills in photos we released related to this case called Central Utah Dispatch to confess his involvement with this incident.  Today, July 15, the Deputy investigating this case spoke to this young man and his parents, as well as the other two young men and their parents.  All three are 17 years old.  One of the young men saw their pictures in a release from a local news outlet and told the friends.  Together they decided to tell their parents.  From there they decided to turn themselves in.

While the incident itself may not seem serious, the reaction it cause is real.  Not knowing if the water tank had been tampered with and the water contaminated, Woodland Hills city officials, out of an abundance of caution, issued a 48 hour order for residents to boil water until they could have it tested to insure it was safe to consume.  The testing officials conducted cost them $700.00, an expense which would not be necessary but for the actions of these teens.  

The teens will have charges of criminal trespass and criminal mischief referred against them to appear in Juvenile Court. Each of them seemed appropriately sorry for their actions and the response they caused.

*** UPDATE Additional photos of suspects and van ***

July 13, 2020 - We came up with a few more photos from surveillance at the Woodland Hills main water tank where several young men trespassed inside the secured fence and on top of the water tank.  Because of this illegal incursion, and out of an abundance of caution, Woodland Hills City officials issued a 48 hour order for residents to boil water while they tested the water to insure it had not been contaminated.  Again, if you recognize this car or the boys please contact the Utah County Sheriff's Office at the dispatch number listed below.

*** PRESS RELEASE July 1, 2020 ***

On June 15, 2020, around 1:45 PM, Woodland Hills city officials received an alert that someone was trespassing at their city's culinary water storage tank.  Security cameras captured pictures of what appeared to be three young men inside the fenced area of the tank and actually on top of the water tank.  This incursion caused city officials to issue an order for residents to boil water until they could determine if the trespassers had damaged any equipment or contaminated the water.  This order was in place for 48 hours until it was determined to be safe.

If you think you recognize any of these young men please call Central Utah Dispatch at (801)794-3970 and ask to speak to a Deputy.

For questions contact  Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff's Office.

(801)404-1912 - Cell (Best)

(801)851-4333 - Office

Twitter: @SGTCannonPIO or @UCSO

Email: jamesc@utahcounty.gov