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May 4, 2020



The Utah County Sheriff's Office has the following items as Found/Recovered Property.  Contact us at 801-851-4014 to identify the item:


*Keys found in Vineyard on 03/04/2020;20UC02246

*Ring found in Vineyard on03/17/2020; 20UC02771

*BB Gun & Skateboard found in Eagle Mountain on 03/30/2020; 20UC03155

*Bicycle found in Eagle Mountain on04/07/2020; 20UC03428

*Money found in Vineyard on04/13/2020; 20UC03613

*Vehicle Part found in Provo on04/13/2020; 20UC03617

*Solarguard found in Spanish Fork on 04/19/2020; 20UC03790

*Firearm belonging to Joshua Stock;12MC00814

*Cellphone belonging to Amber Coots; 14MC00259

*Identification belonging to Anya Munson; 15MC00735

*Powered Scooter found in Vineyard on 04/20/20; 20UC03816

*Wallet belonging to Jayden Stephen; 19UC03315
*Purse belonging to Nicole Nixon; 19UC06947

*Tool-Saw found in Springville on02/12/2020; 20UC01458

*Wallet belonging to Richard Zamora-Palmer; 19UC13419

*Scooter found in Eagle Mountain on04/25/2020; 20UC03971