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Health Alerts

Alert Date
Utah Lake Algae Bloom: October 2014 10/30/2014
Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Linked to Organic Sprouted Chia Powder 7/15/2014
Utah WIC Program Receives Funding to Resume Operations 10/31/2013
Precautions for food establishments 7/15/2013
Lindon City Culinary Water Update: Boil Order Lifted 7/8/2013
Voluntary Tuna Recall 3/31/2013
Recall of Alaskan Sockeye Salmon 2/15/2013
Air Quality Alert 1/6/2013
FDA Investigates Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Bredeney Infections Possibly 10/15/2012
Utah County continues to track record number of whooping cough cases 9/30/2012
RED Air Quality Alert 9/19/2012
Peanut butter recall 9/1/2012
Beef Recall 8/31/2012
"Unhealthy Air Quality" warning from UDEQ 7/14/2012
Utah County tracking record number of pertussis cases 7/10/2012
"Unhealthy Air Quality" warning from UDEQ 7/5/2012
Yellow/Red Air Quality Alerts 12/12/2011
Public Health Investigating Measles Exposures at 2 Community Events in Salt Lake 4/30/2011
How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed 3/31/2011
Risk of radiation from Japanese nuclear power plants 3/30/2011
Emergency Closure of County Government Offices Announced 11/24/2010
Formula Recall 9/30/2010
Wright County Egg Conducts Recalls of Eggs 8/19/2010
There are no alerts at this time 7/31/2010
Salmonella found in unpasteurized milk 6/1/2010
Lyme Disease Investigation 4/5/2010
FREE H1N1 Online Appointment Scheduler 2/28/2010
FREE H1N1 Vaccination Clinics in Utah County 2/20/2010
H1N1 and Influenza vaccinations 1/15/2010
UCHD will initiate a "Reservation Ticket" system for H1N1 vaccine 11/4/2009
UCHD out of H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccines 10/29/2009
H1N1 immunization clinic to be held Tuesday, Oct. 27th 10/26/2009
H1N1 vaccine to be administered Thursday / UCHD out of seasonal flu shots 10/15/2009
2-1-1 to answer questions on Human/Swine Flu 5/30/2009
Boil order issued for northern Saratoga Springs 5/18/2009
Utah Public Health Officials on the Lookout for Swine Flu 5/15/2009

Media Releases

Andrea Jensen Named Utah County Employee of the Year
Nutrition Support For Mothers and Young Families
Utah Dpt Air Quality Urges Use of Utah Air App as Burning Rules Go Into Effect
10 Tips to a Healthier Holiday
Want to know what is happening in Utah County?
Santa received his flu shot -- be on Santa's nice list and get yours
Stuff the turkey, not yourself
Health Officials Urge Food Safety Precaution at Winter Holiday Events
DRC Announces Utah's 2015 Radon Contest Winners
Senior Services seeks volunteers
'Tis the season for Pertussis Vaccinations
Free HIV testing at the Utah County Health Department
High Dose Flu Vaccine for those over 65
Quitting Tobacco Helps Increase Food Security
Board of Health Meeting
Board of Health to hold public hearing regarding nicotine delivery device
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Records / Information Requests

It is the policy of the Utah County Health Department to be open and transparent with the public and/or media whenever possible. Certain topics or information (such as personal medical records or ongoing investigations) are restricted, however individuals seeking information are encouraged to contact the Public Information Officer or to file a GRAMA Request.

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