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Landlord/Tenant Issues

The Sheriff's Office only provides the service(delivery of papers) for this type of civil action. Forms, instructions, and your rights in/for filing action in the District Court can be found online at the Utah State website at: www.utcourts.gov/howto/landlord/

The steps in the process that the Sheriff's Office can serve are:

1st Service: The Notice to Vacate or (Eviction) Notice:

Needs to be delivered to the person or posted on the door by the landlord or another person(of age).

2nd Service: The Summons and Complaint:

Must be filed with the District Court and then served to the tenant by any person over 18 who is not a party to the action. Proof of Service must be filed with the court. The Utah County Sheriff's Office can serve this.

3rd Service: The Order of Restitution:

Must be filed with the District Court and then served. The Utah County Sheriff's Office requires we serve the Order of Restitution if we are asked to remove the tenant from the premises.