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Judicial Division
Office: 801-851-4030
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Civil Process

The Utah County Sheriff's Office provides official Service(delivery) for all types of civil process. Civil Processing requires notice to the defendant to appear before the court or subjecting the defendant or his property to the jurisdiction of the court.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office does not provide forms, templates, or legal advice. For these items please refer to the Utah State Online Court Assistance Program or your attorney. Visit http://www.utcourts.gov/ocap/

Further Information:

Processing tips for Civil Processes

(Things that help make the process go faster.)
  • Be complete in filling out all the paperwork.
  • Provide current, full addresses and phone numbers. For both you and the defendant.
  • Identify best times defendant can be contacted at home or work.
  • Provide a physical description of defendant and vehicle description.
  • Provide birth dates for all parties (if available.)