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URS Contribution Problem Partially Corrected

Posted On : 6/24/2019 11:58:36 AM

Contributions being made by Utah County have been corrected moving forward, but the issue of past contribution shortages is still being addressed.

*** PRESS RELEASE June 24, 2019 ***

As has been reported recently, there have been discrepancies in contributions to Utah Retirement Systems (URS) by Utah County Government for more than 20 years.  These contributions have not affected the pay received by Deputies prior to retirement.  The impact comes after retirement.  Under Utah County Rules and Regulations many Public Safety employees are regularly scheduled to work more than 80 hours each pay period.

The deficiency has occurred where Utah County Government had not been making contributions to URS for the scheduled hours sworn Public Safety employees worked above 80 hours. When a sworn, non-exempt Public Safety employee of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office retires they are to be paid based on a percentage of their highest three years average salary.  For those employees who were scheduled to work more than 80 hours in a 14 day payperiod, Utah County Government was supposed to have been making contributions to URS based on those scheduled hours of work. Utah County Government was, for many years, only making contributions based on 80 scheduled hours of work in a 14 day pay period.

After Sheriff Mike Smith was sworn in on August 21, 2018, he acted with the Utah County Office of Human Resources to correct the contributions being made by Utah County Government to URS on behalf of sworn Public Safety employees.  Those contributions to URS are now being paid based on the actual scheduled hours of work.  This solved the problem going forward, but the problem of under funding contributions to URS prior to this correction is still being worked on.


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