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Utah County Sheriff's Office Found / Recovered Property

Posted On : 12/7/2018 5:12:19 PM

Notice : The Utah County Sheriff's Office has the following items as found/recovered property. Contact us at 801-851-4014 to identify the item:

- Helmet and goggles located in Eagle Mountain 7/16/18; 18UC07329
-Credit card located in Eagle Mountain 6/4/18; 18UC07616
-Cash located in Eagle Mountain 7/18/18; 18UC07413
-Cash located in Eagle Mountain 6/23/18; 18UC07614
-Diamond located in Vineyard at the Splash Pad 7/30/18; 18UC07945
-Bike located in Woodland Hills 8/8/18; 18UC08296
-Bike located at Maverick in Vineyard 8/15/18; 18UC08518
-Phone located in Squaw Peak 8/20/18; 18UC08660
- Miscellaneous construction tools and household items recovered stolen 8/20/18 Eagle Mountain; 18UC08653
-Compressor recovered stolen 9/18/18; 18UC09818
-Bike located in Vineyard 9/20/18; 18UC09872
-Keys located along Springville Trail 10/3/18; 18UC10373
-Keycard located on Simpson Springs/HalfMile road in Eagle Mountain 9/27/18; 18UC10148
-Bike located in Hobble Creek Canyon 10/8/2018; 18UC10599
-Bike located in West Mountain 10/23/18; 18UC10995
-Knives in Vinyard 10/17/18; 18UC10949
-Bikes located in Eagle Mountain 10/25/18; 18UC11206
-Gun located at Hope Campground 11/15/18; 18UC12032
-Backpack with climbing gear, miscellaneous hand tools, binoculars, hand radio,snowboard boots, knives, backpacks, remote helicopter, jewelry; 16UC03999
-Bike located in Eagle Mountain 12/1/18; 18UC12618
-Drone located in Eagle Mountain 12/2/18; 18UC12663