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What is RadKIDS?

The RadKIDS program is the largest child safety program of its kind in the nation and is providing children with hope, options, and practical skills to RECOGNIZE, AVOID, and, if necessary,  ESCAPE violence and abuse. Our advanced curriculum, based on accelerated learning theories, provides realistic safety plans and options enabling children to escape dangerous situations. Unlike many programs that show videos or tell children what to do, RadKIDS actually shares plans and strategies, while practicing realistic physical skills to escape violence.

Through RadKIDS training, children become empowered, learning to replace the fear, confusion, and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self-esteem.
Through this hands-on educational program the lives of children are being saved.

RadKIDS and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, are dedicated to empowering parents, educators, police officers, and other child safety advocates in our communities with the "gift" of the RadKIDS program by training those interested in becoming instructors in their own communities.

RadKIDS is a non profit 501(3)(c) educational program and, thanks to the work done by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, this vital life skills program is endorsed by the National Sheriff’s Association.  Utah County has one of the leading RadKIDS programs in the nation.  We are teaching and assisting to bring this program to the children of this county and beyond. 

Here is an article out of the national Sheriff magazine on RadKids. Click Here to view (.pdf)

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Heroes as young as five years old have successfully escaped the horrible realities of abduction, bullying, dog attacks, child abuse, sexual assault and manipulation. In all these incidents, the children were able to use the tools, options, and abilities they acquired in radKIDS classes to escape their attackers and return safely to their loved ones.

RadKids in Art City (Springville)


Take a look at some results that came from pre and post evaluations gathered from the Provo School District RadKIDS classes assisted by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

click here to view this document in adobe acrobat pdf format

RadKIDS covers a wide comprehensive group of subjects from not putting your finger in the light socket to sexual assault prevention, bullies and abduction safety, as well as many, many more.  We are teaching this program in schools, community classes, and even to the families we serve in the Utah County Security Center.

If you have any questions about our RadKIDS program or would like information on how to get a RadKIDS program started in your community, please contact us at the phone numbers or email addresses listed above.

If you would like ID kits with fingerprints and DNA that you can fill out and keep for your child, or would like to inquire about getting a gun lock for your handguns or long guns, please contact Jennifer Robinson at 801-851-4335.

We would like to thank the following sponsors from the community who have helped us bring RadKIDS to our children.

Pier 49 296 So. Main Springville, Utah
The Pizza Factory 988 No. Main Spanish Fork, Utah


Are you interested in learning how to empower kids in your community with hope, options, and practical skills to recognize, avoid, and, if necessary, escape violence and abuse?

RadKIDS and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to empowering parents, educators, police officers, and other child safety advocates in our communities with the "gift" of the RadKIDS program by training those interested in becoming instructors in their own communities.

Please contact Jennifer Robinson at 801-851-4335 to set up a presentation and to learn how you can help empower children in your area with radKIDS. Ask her how you can help bring radKIDS to your school, PTA, community or organization. For more information on becoming a radKIDS instructor contact Jennifer Robinson or visit http://www.radkids.org/becominganinstructor.shtml

Other Ways to Contribute


  • Tell a friend about radKIDS by forwarding the address of our website to 10 parents/friends, colleagues or family members. Help them to become advocates for children.
  • Send a letter to your newspaper explaining how your family has benefitted from the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program.
  • Write a letter to educate your school, law enforcement agency, or elected officials and ask them to support funding programs such as radKIDS®. Enclose a news article from your local newspaper on child abuse in your area.
  • Contribute. Matching gifts instantly double the amount of your gift! Many corporations have matching gift programs that will meet the gifts of their employees to a charitable organization.
  • Become a certified radKIDS® instructor.

Corporations / Businesses / Foundations

  • Sponsor radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education classes in your community.
  • Work with your community to organize an event to raise money for radKIDS®. Some ideas include road race, golf tournament or silent auction.
  • Donate essential supplies necessary for the instruction of the radKIDS® programs, such as paper, crayons, stickers, Koosh balls, office supplies etc.
  • Select a member of your corporation to become a certified radKIDS® instructor to better serve your corporate family.
  • Support employee contributions to the radKIDS® organization by providing matching funds.

Educational and Law Enforcement Professionals

  • Start a radKIDS® program in your community or school or through your police department.
  • Reach out for local grants and businesses to support these programs.

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