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Weatherization Assistance Program

Board Members:
C.Michael Vanchiere, Chair
Angie Morris, Vice-Chair
David Tuckett
Larry Ellertson
Clair Norton
Housing Authority of Utah County
735 South University Avenue
Provo, Utah 84601-5846
Phone : 801-344-5184  Fax : 801-344-5298
Website : www.utahcountyonline.org/Dept/HAUC/Weatherization.asp
Gene Carly,
Executive Director

What is the Weatherization Program?

Weatherization helps low-income individuals and families reduce energy costs and increase comfort and safety in their homes. We help clients with energy education, indoor air quality, combustion safety, and energy efficiency. Weatherization improvements may include wall, floor, ceiling and duct insulation; windows, caulking, door repair or replacement, weather-stripping, furnace tune-ups, repairs and replacements, and carbon monoxide testing.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify, your adjusted income for the previous calendar month needs to fall within these guidelines:

Number in Household Gross Monthly Income
1 $1,361
2 $1,839
3 $2,316
4 $2,794
5 $3,271
6 $3,749
7 $4,226
8 $4,704

To qualify, your adjusted income for the previous calendar month needs to fall within these guidelines.

There is a 20% disregard that is subtracted from your gross "earned" income.

Verifiable medical expenses may be deducted from your gross income including insurance premiums, prescription costs, dental work and physician visits.

If your home has been weatherized previous to 1994 you may be eligible for re-weatherization.

Additional disqualifications and limitations are not listed in this material.

For more information concerning income eligibility, contact an Eligibility and Education Specialist at 801-344-5184 ext. 300.

How does the Weatherization Program work?

Weatherization begins with an energy audit. The auditor inspects the home inside and outside, including crawl spaces, attics, and furnace rooms. The auditor checks insulation, health and safety concerns, and tests indoor air quality. Clients complete a questionnaire about indoor air quality that the auditor carefully reviews and discusses with the client. The auditor performs a blower door test to determine air movement through the home and where air leakage occurs, and educates the client on energy conservation.

The auditor evaluates the information with computer software (called the ďNEAT AuditĒ) and prints a list of needed work. The software compares anticipated energy savings from the weatherization measures to the cost of the work. With this report, we determine the most cost effective energy savings measures. The auditor designs a detailed work plan for each area of the home, including insulation, air infiltration, ventilation, heating, health and safety, and windows and doors.

After the initial energy audit has been completed and reviewed a field supervisor assigns the work to subcontractors who complete the insulation, furnace tune-ups, and other weatherization measures. This review process normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Each subcontractor schedules his own appointments. When all work is complete, the field supervisor performs a closing inspection that includes another blower door test to determine air leakage reduction. He ensures that the home now has an acceptable range of air infiltration.

Our Eligibility and Education Specialist will then go to the home and explain how to conserve energy by teaching good energy habits, how to save money and increase living comfort in the home. She will hand out booklets that you can refer to any time you have a question about conserving energy. The Eligibility and Education Specialist will also obtain client comments, and educates the client about the work completed.

How can I apply?

Carefully review the information above and the instructions in the application. Complete the application entirely and sign and date all associated pages. If you rent your home, the owner must complete the Weatherization Rental Agreement and have a Notary Public witness signature on the agreement. You can print the application below or obtain one at the address above.

How long do I have to wait before my home is weatherized?

Itís very hard to tell how long itís going to be before we weatherize your home. Your application is assessed a number of priorities based on information taken from the application. Preference points determine your position on the waiting list. Listed below is the priority list rating criteria:

Elderly or disabled +25 points
Gas and electric bill up to 15% energy burden +20 points
Gas and electric bill up to 20% energy burden +30 points
Gas and electric bill up to 25% Energy Burden or above   +40 points
Preschool children in the home   +3 points per child
Every 6 months application is on waiting list   +10 points
Income Scale: Determined by poverty income guidelines that may change yearly 0-74% = +20 points
75-100% = +10 points
100%+ = 0 points
For areas with high heating degree days, additional points may be given

I'm a renter, do I still qualify for weatherization?

Yes, the weatherization program is available for low income families which can include both renters and home owners. If you are a renter, however, you must have the landlord complete and notarize the Weatherization Agreement Forms.

How much is it going to cost me to weatherize my home?

If you are a homeowner and qualify for the program we will weatherize your home at no charge to you. We are a non-profit organization designed to assist low income families. If you are a renter, basic services will be provided at no cost. For more substantial services, the landlord may be required to participate in the cost of those services.