Thank you for visiting to learn more about the proposed tax increase. Recently, you received the following notice in your mail. The notice below represents a sample home based on the median home value in Utah.

This notice only applies to the Utah County portion of your property tax rate as illustrated below.

This example shows that only a small portion of your total tax bill would be affected by this proposed increase. Below is a sample tax notice that would relate to the hypothetical proposed tax increase. Only the highlighted portion of the following bill would be affected by the proposed tax increase. If you own a $334,000 home, your taxes could only be increased at a maximum of $10.29 a month. As shown in the graphic above, over 80% of these tax dollars go to Public Safety (police officers, prosecuting attorneys, etc.) and Public Health (mental health services, mosquito abatement, etc.).

This notice serves as the MAXIMUM your tax rate could be changed. The Commission may not adjust your taxes beyond this rate for 2020. That said, the Commissioners are currently working with each department in a series of public meetings to establish the 2020 budget which will be finalized by the end of this year. They are working hard to find cuts and save wherever possible. Each of these meetings are recorded and saved to our County YouTube channel which can be viewed here. Please view the video above and the budget work sessions on our YouTube channel to learn more about what these dollars provide.