Utah County Trails Patch

Choose either A or B.

_______ A. Choose one trail and hike a one (1) mile portion of it with your troop or family.

_______ B. Choose a trail and bike or roller blade or go horseback riding along a one (1) mile portion of it; list the safety equipment and requirements for the activity that you choose.

Choose four (4) of the following activities:

_______ 1. Have your troop leader or one of your parents show you on a map where two (2) county trails are.

_______ 2. Find out what activities you can do on each trail.

_______ 3. Participate in a service project to clean up an area of a trail.

_______ 4. Take a garbage bag and collect at least five (5) pieces of litter; dispose of it appropriately.

_______ 5. Find three different animals as you hike.

_______ 6. Explain what you liked best about the trail.

_______ 7. Practice "No Trace" hiking, picnicking, and camping. Leave an area cleaner than you found it. For more information, contact the Forest Service.

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Leader or Parent Signature:

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Patches are available through the Scout Shop at the Utah National Parks Council, 748 North 1340 West, Orem, Utah 84057 (801) 437-6222.