2019 Municipal General Election Results

Unofficial General Results

General Election results will be posted on this page at approximately 8:00 pm on November 5, 2019. The buttons below will not work until the first results are posted. On Election Night, results will be updated until all service centers have dropped off their ballots. After Election Night, results will be updated periodically when we have additional ballots to process. Final results and the Statement of Votes Cast will be posted on the day of the canvass on the main result page in the "2019 Election Results" box.

Ranked Choice Results (Payson & Vineyard)

The cities of Payson and Vineyard are participating in a pilot to use ranked choice voting for their elections. Results for these races will include some additional reporting styles to accommodate for the specifics of ranked choice voting.

The initial unofficial results reported on the map will merely be tallies of all first, second, or third choice votes cast for each candidate (2 choices for Vineyard & 3 choices for Payson). The official results will not be final until all valid votes are received and counted by the elections office so that the ranked choice process can be followed to produce final results. Prior to the official canvass, the results will include two reporting styles: an unofficial tally in order to display votes on the map and a preliminary ranked choice result for each open seat. The following links show the preliminary ranked choice voting tallies for each seat.

Vineyard Preliminary Ranked Choice Results