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On August 19, 2014, Andre Gustavo Henry Lopez, age 41, was found guilty of Rape, a 1st Degree felony, Object Rape, a 1st Degree felony and Assault, a Class B Misdemeanor.

After the guilty verdict was announced and the jury excused, the Sentence Hearing was scheduled for October 14, 2014 and Mr. Lopez was ordered to have No Contact with the victim, as he was not taken into custody. The Honorable Claudia Laycock (4th District Court Judge) will preside at the sentencing and Mr. Lopez is expected to serve an indeterminate sentence of 5 years to life in the Utah State Prison.

Andre Gustavo Henry Lopez assaulted and raped a female in his home, located at 2250 N Harvest Moon Drive, in Saratoga Springs, Utah on September 7, 2013. Mr. Lopez and his girlfriend attended the wedding celebration and reception of the victim's sister in Saratoga Springs, where Mr. Lopez became agitated and jealous that his girlfriend was socializing with family and friends. After leaving the party, the couple began an explosion of accusations, swearing, name calling, and verbal abuse. The neighbor, hearing the barrage of screaming and yelling despite closed windows and doors, called 911. When officers from the Saratoga Springs Police Department arrived, the victim was fearful that their presence would "just make things worse" so she sent them away. When the victim refused to sexually satisfy the demands of Mr. Lopez, a brutal physical assault ensued where Mr. Lopez ripped the pants off the victim and then forced his fingers into her vagina and rectum. The victim pled for the abuse to cease but Mr. Lopez was determined to get what he wanted, which he claimed only after excessive hitting and forcing himself upon her. Evidence presented to the jury included a plethora of pictures depicting severe bruising all over the victim's body, representing the beating and trauma she experienced as Mr. Lopez unleashed his rage on her. Mr. Lopez has a lengthy criminal history, including convictions of domestic abuse, intoxication, use of a dangerous weapon, and numerous assault charges beginning as early as 2000.

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