Utah County Attorney

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Utah County Attorney's Office Persona Non Grata List

To further its goal of protecting Utah County, the County Attorney's Office pays particular attention to persons who singlehandedly try to increase the County's crime rate. Our "PNG" list, begun in 2007, is populated by persons who are not only repeat offenders, but (a) the criminal justice system has never been able to get their attention, or (b) they are repeat, repeat offenders, or (c) their current crime spree is particularly egregious. In other words, the PNG List is for persons who should have already gone to prison, but keep getting off of their charges or getting sentences that are too light with regard to their criminal history.

Recognizing that our duty is not merely to obtain convictions--but to "do justice," we are careful to only place someone on our PNG list who has earned that distinction through a long track record of breaking the law.  Once we place someone on our PNG list we severely limit plea bargaining on their cases and the assigned prosecutor puts their cases right on a trial track.

Some examples of people who have been on our list are:

  • Michael Pino: burglaries, drugs, thefts, etc.  Now at the Utah State Prison for a maximum term of 35 years.

  • Uriah Pulley: drug distribution and drug possession.  Now at Utah State Prison for a maximum term of 15 years and then going to federal prison.

  • Robert Varner: drugs, forgery, assault. Now at Utah State Prison for a maximum term of 5 years.